We call it a rave, but it is really a stage. A stage for everyone young, talented, wild, and free. The New Rave brings you a stage for dancing feet, rhythmic beats, flashy fashion, chorused voices, you name it. So, as we turn to a new chapter, here’s a fresh page. A sun-kissed sandy canvas for you and us, for everyone. All the Rave Is Your Stage, we are only here to Echo it. Africa is our stage, Let’s Rave!

Date: Coming Soon

2024 LINE-UP

Experience The New Rave from the Tidal Rave Stage with performances from A-list music acts including top MCs, and DJs. Full line up to be announced.


For the first time, Tidal Rave Festival proudly presents "The Rave Album" - a sonic masterpiece that creates a harmonious soundscape that gives Ravers new sound to jam to. It features a funky blend of A-list musicians and the new GOATS. Experience The New Rave expressed through music for the Raver!


Dive into an ocean of never-ending fun, experiences, and music performances. Enjoy the best of arts and beach fashion. Let’s rave.



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Unexpected discoveries await you in Liberia at Tidal Rave 2023. Get Ready!


Raver, do you have questions? We’ve got the answers for you!

Is Tidal Rave open to all ages?

Yes, Tidal Rave is open to all ages but primarily a youthful event (18-35).

What is the date and time of Tidal Rave Liberia?

For Liberia, 16th December, 2023. Time: 12 pm to 11PM.

Where is the Tidal Rave Festival  happening this year?

The venue will be announced soon.

Can I bring a camera or recording device to capture the concert?


Are there nearby accommodations or hotels for those attending the concert?

Yes, there are.

How can I stay updated on any changes or announcements regarding the beach concert?

Kindly join our For Ravers Only community or check out social media pages.

What time does the festival end?

About 11 pm.

What’s the best time to arrive?

At 12 pm midday

Will there be buses at the end of the festival?


Are there VIP packages?

Yes, we have Cabana packages. Please check the tickets page for the number to call.

What comes with the VIP packages?

Every Raver can customize their cabana experience. Make your request when you place the call.

Is there an admission fee for Tidal Rave?

Yes, The cost for the tickets will be announced soon.

Where would the tickets be sold?

Tickets will be sold online mainly on the Tidal Rave website for both Liberia and Ghana.

Can you buy tickets on behalf of someone?


Where can I buy a General Admission ticket?

On our website.

Where do I get my festival wristband?

At the ticketing booth at the concert.

Can I make changes to, or cancel my Ticket?

No, tickets are non-refundable.

Can I resell my ticket?


What do I do if I delete or lose my e-ticket?

Please check our websites for contact information.

What happens if I lose my wristband?

Please check our websites for contact information.

Can I pay in installments?


Do I get access to the van after paying for the entrance ticket?

Yes. Access to the van is open to all.

Will there be tickets available at the gate?


I bought the group of 5 ticket; will we receive separate tickets?

You will receive one ticket with 5 different QR codes for each Raver.

My money was deducted, how do I know if I got my ticket?

Check your e-mail.

I didn’t get an email notification to download my ticket after payment was confirmed.

Please check our websites for contact information.

What will the weather be like at the festival? How hot will it be during the day and how cold will it be at night?

We’d leave that to nature.

What are you doing to ensure my safety at the festival?

There will be a lot of security, lifeguards etc available to ensure the safety of everyone.

Is there parking available near the concert venue?

Yes, there will be.

Are there any restrictions on beach activities during the concert?

Yes, kindly look at the rules page.

Will there be restroom facilities available at the concert venue?

Yes, there will be.

Is the concert rain or shine? Will there be a backup plan in case of inclement weather?

Yes, it is rain or shine. There will be a series of activities ongoing and guides available.

Is the concert accessible for individuals with disabilities?


Are there designated areas for dancing or standing close to the stage?

Dancing close to the stage is not advised for safety reasons.

Will there be any opening acts or supporting artists before the main performance?

Yes, there will be several opening acts.

Wow, there are lots of artists performing! Will I see all of them?

There is no guarantee. Many artistes will be performing at different times. You should plan accordingly and arrive for a particular performer you really want to see.

Will you be posting set times in advance?

Yes, we will.

Can I bring my own food and beverages to Tidal Rave?

No, there would be food and grocery vendors available.

Is alcohol allowed at the concert?

No, you would have to purchase from those consented to sell at the concert.

Are pets allowed at the concert?


What should I bring with me to the concert?

Basic stuff like ticket, IDs, fan, power bank, charger,  money and anything to have good fun.

Are chairs and blankets provided, or should I bring my own seating?

Seating will be provided.

Are there any prohibited items or activities at the concert?

Kindly visit the rules page.

Are there any specific rules or guidelines for beach conservation during the concert?

Yes, kindly visit the rules page.

I am a Sponsor, Vendor, or Talent, how can I reach you?

Please check our website for contact information.