DJ Millz playing at Tidal Rave Festival 2022. Photo Credit: Nema Photography

Call For Submission: Tidal Rave Festival Announces Debut “Tidal Rave Album”

Tidal Rave Festival has revealed plans to produce the first-ever Tidal Rave Album, as part of its latest additions to the festival’s experiences.

The album, which is set to be an 8-track album, will feature artists from all over Africa who curate music for young Africans.

This project, supported by Guide Radio, seeks to create connections and opportunities for collaboration between thriving and emerging artists across the continent. 

Creators and artists who feature on the album benefit from a marketing and promotion partnership with EchoHouse, as well as, revenue splits from streaming platforms and other media.

Tidal Rave Festival has traditionally believed in the power of music and this album is set to embody the very essence of the festival. The Tidal Rave Album stands as the newest and latest addition to the festival’s offering.

For an opportunity to be featured on this debut album, submit your song by posting it on social media with the hashtag “#TidalRaveAlbum.”

The entry period is from 30th September 2023 to 15th October 2023. To push artists even further, some selected artists may get the opportunity to perform at this year’s Tidal Rave Festival on 4th November 2023 at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel.

“We’re on the hunt for unique sounds in a myriad of genres, especially, but not limited to Afrobeats, Amapiano, Ghanaian Drill, Hip Life, and Dancehall. We’re not just thinking of style; we’re exploring the diverse cultural soundscapes that these genres represent, and your unique musical style and perspective could enrich this sonic journey,” curators of Tidal Rave Festival said in a statement.

“Artists out there, here’s a call to you. Be a part of this epic sensation. Share your song on any social media platform with the hashtag #TidalRaveAlbum. We will be watching and selecting artists who embody what the Tidal Rave Festival represents,” the statement continued.

Click here for FAQs on the Tidal Rave Album

“The song(s) you’re contributing must be your own. Artists will have promotional opportunities as part of the album’s marketing campaign. There will also be a revenue split sheet that covers all revenue generated from streaming platforms and other media,” the statement added.

“If your song is chosen for the album, you will be contacted with more information. We also welcome entries from all musicians across the world, but keep in mind that the album’s commercial focus is centered on Africa,” it explained.

The Tidal Rave album is set to be released in March of next year.