FAQ: The Debut Tidal Rave Album

1. What is the Tidal Rave Album about?

The Tidal Rave album is a compilation of music from creators from across Africa. The project seeks to create connections and opportunities for collaboration between thriving and rising artistes across the continent.

Contributors will benefit from masterclasses hosted by music royalty, writers’ camps, and possible strategic partnerships with brands.

Creators whose music will make it onto the album will ultimately benefit from a marketing and promotion deal from EchoLive (An EchoHouse brand) and revenue splits from streaming platforms and other media.

2. Are there specific genres or styles you’re looking for?

We’re on the hunt for unique sounds in a myriad of genres, especially, but not limited to Afrobeats, Amapiano, Ghanaian Drill, and Dancehall. We’re not just thinking of style; we’re exploring the diverse cultural landscapes that these genres represent, and your unique musical style and perspective could enrich this sonic journey.

3. How do I submit my song for consideration?

You can submit your song by “sending an email to [email address] with the subject ‘Rave Album Submission’ and attaching your song in MP3 format.” You may contact [Cell Phone Number] for assistance.

4. Is there a limit to the number of songs I can submit?

You can submit up to three songs for consideration.

5. Do I need to own the rights to the song I’m submitting?

Yes, you must have the rights to the song you’re submitting. By submitting, you grant us permission to use the song as outlined in the terms and conditions.

6. Will I be compensated if my song is selected for the album?

Final shortlisted artists will be compensated through revenue generated from streaming platforms and other media. The details of the split sheet will be discussed and agreed on individually with the artists.

7. Can I submit a song that has been previously released?

No, you cannot submit previously released songs.

8. Can I submit a demo or work-in-progress song?

Yes, you can submit a demo, but please make sure it represents the song’s potential and quality as closely as possible.

9. Can artists collaborate with others on their submissions?

 Collaboration is encouraged! Artists can collaborate with other musicians, songwriters, and producers to create their submissions.

10. Will there be opportunities for artists to promote their work within the album’s marketing?

Yes, there will be promotional opportunities for artists within the album’s marketing campaign. We believe in supporting and showcasing the talented contributors.

11. How many songs are you planning to include in “The Tidal Rave Album”?

We are looking at a 12-track album, but ultimately, the final number of songs included in the album will depend on the quality and diversity of submissions received.

12. What promotional activities are planned to support the album’s release?

We have an extensive promotional plan in place, including social media campaigns, music video releases, interviews, and live performances.

13. Are there any plans for live performances or events related to the album?

Our goal is to leverage our diverse event brands across the continent as platforms for showcasing the talents unearthed from the album. We are also exploring the possibility of partnerships with other event brands to further celebrate the album’s themes. Details will be announced in due course.

14. When is the deadline for song submissions?

 The deadline for song submissions is Saturday, the 30th of September, 2023.

15. What happens after I submit my song?

After submitting your song, it will go through a review process. You will be contacted with further details if your song is selected for the album.

16. Can I submit a song even if I’m not from the countries listed in the album’s market?

Yes, we welcome submissions from artists worldwide but keep in mind that the album’s themes and market focus on Africa.

17. Will I retain ownership of my song if it’s selected for the album?

While you will retain ownership of the original song, the rights for usage of the song may be jointly owned by EchoHouse and the creators. Please refer to the terms and conditions for more details.

18. Can I submit songs in languages other than English?

 Yes, we welcome songs in various languages that align with the album’s themes.

19. How will I be notified if my song is selected?

If your song is selected, you will be notified via the contact information provided during submission.

20. Is there a chance to collaborate with other artists on the album?

Collaboration opportunities may arise during the album production process. We encourage creative collaborations among selected artists.

21. How can artists stay updated on the progress of the album and the selection process?

 Artists can stay updated by visiting our website, following our social media accounts, and subscribing to our newsletter, where we will share updates on the album’s progress and selection process.

21. What happens if my song is selected for the Rave album?

If your work makes the selection, you’ll have the incredible opportunity to perform at Tidal Rave 2023. Additionally, EchoHouse is committed to providing the necessary resources, expertise, and support for marketing and promoting your song as part of the album, ensuring it reaches the heights it rightly deserves. The specific details will be shared in an NDA if your song makes the cut.