Image Credits: Nana Tyron The Photographer

It’s a New Wave at the Tidal Rave Ignition Market powered by Absa Bank

Hello Rave Market Vendor,

Welcome to the exciting realm of the Ignition Market at this year’s Tidal Rave Festival. This year, we are supporting budding entrepreneurs who are entering our vendor market in partnership with our partner, Absa Bank Ghana.  

You are about to experience a fully CASHLESS festival, with our market going fully digital for both vendors and attendees.

Our vendor team has been amped up, and exciting new partnerships are being formed and we invite you to join the Vendor Onboarding Summit on October 25th at the EchoHouse Ghana Office.

So, here’s the deal:

  • This year’s festival expects over 15,000 young, excitable attendees with an average spend of GHS 300 per attendee.
  • Attendees at this year’s event will all be required to use the same online payment system. 
  • The Cashless Market is offering attendees to either pre-loaded credits for ALL festival services with their ticket QR CODES on their phones OR QR Code Stickers on their phones for all purchases (in the event where an attendee’s phone is off, they can still make purchases)
  • This year, Absa Bank will fund the costs for all vendor booths.
  • To secure their spots, vendors would be required to pay a commitment fee of 1000GHC, which would be returned to them after the event concludes.
  • The festival will be instituting a 30% commission system on all total sales of participating vendors.
  • We are running an exclusive number of vendor spots to allow participating vendors to maximize their sales at the event.
  • In addition, we will offer a vendor guide available for all our rave market vendors.
  • The best part? The merchant with the most sales on the portal at the end of the event will receive a substantial reward!

The Tidal Rave Ignition Market is a haven for both vendors and attendees, with a thriving assortment of festival essentials that keeps the spirit of The Tidal Rave Festival alive, The New Rave. Thanks to our partnership with Absa Bank and the adoption of these cutting-edge event parameters, this year’s event promises to be a shining first of its kind in a peaceful and productive space, with an emphasis on security, diversity, profitability, and a shared passion for music, dance, and a whole lot more. Join us as we make waves at this year’s Tidal Rave Festival and into the books of history.