FAQs: Becoming A Tidal Rave Market Vendor

Hello Rave Market Vendor, for your key questions about the Tidal Rave Ignition Market and what the vendor systems are for this year’s festival, find our FAQs below:

1. Why are you charging a fee and taking a commission on sales?                                                                            

The commitment fee is just to secure your slot and ensure you show up, at the end of the event, it is fully refundable, a kind courtesy of Absa. Provided all rules in the vendor manual are adhered to. 

2.  Why are you taking a percentage of my sales money?

This is the policy of the festival. % commission split is to cater/support other operational expenses that make Tidal Rave a success

3. How does the system work? Do I need any kind of device or internet connection?

The only device you need is your smartphone. It also requires an internet connection, so we have dedicated internet access points for the vendor market. We will thoroughly train you on this at the summit.

4. How does a Raver make a purchase then? What do they show?

 The event ticket the Raver receives after they make a purchase comes with a QR code that they will pre-link to their mobile money wallets ahead of the event.

All items that will be sold at the event and prices will be pre-loaded onto the vendor portal ahead of the event.

When the raver visits your stand, you scan their QR code using your phone and the deduction is instantly done from their wallets. This process will be called out in our vendor summit on the 25th of October at the EchoHouse Ghana office.

5. Why am I not getting exclusivity if you’re charging a commission on sales?

We are committed to ensuring the success of our vendors at the festival, and so we have a limited number of slots per item, to ensure that you’re making good sales at the event.

To book a vendor slot or get more information, call 054712248 or send ‘Hi’ on Whatsapp.