Checking In at the Tidal Rave Festival ’23

Hello Ravers!

The sun is up, and it is almost time for the Tidal Rave Festival. Are you excited? We know we are!

But before we get to the rave party, there are a few steps you need to take at our check-in points. This year, to allow ease and a more swift and direct way to enter and move to the festival grounds, our check-in points will be at the La Trade Fair car park.

Tidal Rave Festival Announces La Palm Royal Beach Hotel as its new location.
Tidal Rave Festival Announces La Palm Royal Beach Hotel as its new location.

This process allows us to effectively ensure all ravers have all their necessary entry processes done and they get to enter and exit the rave smoothly. Below is our check-in process for this year’s festival:


  1. Buy your ticket beforehand and head towards the La Trade Fair Car Park
  2. Step up to any of the eight check-in booths to scan your ticket and get your wrist brand.
  3. A unique QR code sticker which will be linked to your Rave Account wallet will be printed for you to stick to the back of your phone.
  4. Board any one of the free Tidal Rave shuttles to the La Palm Beach Hotel (with a complimentary Fanyogo as you go)
  5. Have your wristband checked at the entrance and you’re in for the rave!

*NB: Once scanned, the ticket will be rendered null and void and cannot be rescanned. However, the QR Code can still be used for all your purchases.


  1. Board any one of the free shuttles leaving the Tidal Rave Grounds
  2. Head to your car or order your ride home.
  3. Set off! It’s been a rave to rave with you.