Image Credits: Nana Tyron The Photographer

Check Out These 5 Best Tidal Rave Moments

Tidal Rave Festival 2023 will officially be the 10th edition of Tidal Rave Festival in Ghana. We decided to showcase 5 best Tidal Rave moments. Over the decade of back to back festivals only going on break in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic, the festival has given us some memorable moments.

The Tidal Rave stage has played host to icons in the music scene and also served as a spring board for several a-list musicians today.

Ravers, let us know if we missed anything, however, here are our 5 most memorable moments at Tidal Rave Festival over the years.

Kwesi Arthur’s crowd touching performance

Remember when Kwesi Arthur pulled off one of the most memorable performances at Tidal Rave when he performed ‘Pray For Me’? The stage lights were turned off, and thousands of mobile phone flashlights were turned on while the crowd and Kwesi Arthur sang ‘Pray For Me’ word for word.

Kwesi Arthur performs to crowd at Tidal Rave 2019

Medikals Frisky Performance

How about Medikal’s show-stopping high-energy performances on

The Rave Day during the 2019 Tidal Rave Weekend? Calling a fan up on stage to rap with him! Anyone who was present that day I bet could testify to how over lit  the show was.

Medikal entertains attendees of Tidal Rave Festival


And you must we refer you to Africas dynamic duo R2Bees, Cina Soul, and others bringing out the best fireworks ever during the Fire Friday edition of Tidal Rave in 2019? What a memorable evening that was!

R2bees grand entrance at Tidal Rave Festival 2018

King Sark

As always, and the forever beautiful to watch, the king, Sarkodie’s performance on Sand Day of the 2019 Tidal Rave weekend? Also  performed his hit song “ lucky “ with P- square for the first time.   

Sarkodie performs “Lucky” for the first time at Tidal Rave

The Crowd

Like millions of ants on a hill the overzealous crowd with their incredible energy and passion enlightened spirit of the festival like never before . The best moment was really encountered by those who were in the crowd to take in all that the Rave had to offer in good patience and control to be absolute partakers of all the day brought